June 11, 2020SOLUTIONS

Plastic? No, carton

Certain intuitions were always destined to improve the world of packaging.

Even before environmentally-friendly technologies became an integral part of corporate business models, we asked ourselves: why not try to package syringes, vials and many other products in cardboard trays instead of traditional thermoformed trays?

On a technical level, this choice has huge knock-on effects: the thermoforming machine upstream disappears, replaced by a single, robotised cartoning machine which carries out the entire packaging process: from opening the cardboard trays – which some clients request custom-made solutions – to filling with syringes and packaging in cartons.

The advantages are significant: not only is this solution more environmentally sustainable, but it also entails lower production costs and, in terms of space, it delivers savings of 20% compared to an in-line solution.

Once again, cartoning machines have thus proved to be one of our most versatile and emblematic solutions, so much so that we chose none other than this machine family for our first XDAYS, which put  the MA 260 cartoning machine for vials in the spotlight, updated to offer a more ergonomic design coupled with enhanced performance.